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Enzo and Vito
Enzo Ferrara
guitars, bass

Vito Lis
drums, keyboards, production


"SECOND", the latest work of the Italian guitarist, bassist and composer Enzo Ferrara and the Polish drummer, producer, composer and audio engineer Vito Lis, is another result of more than five years of continuous collaboration of the two talented musicians. "SECOND", which has been released three years after their debut album "SYNCRONIZED", is considered another milestone in the band's history, as the eight picturesque tracks telling their wonderful stories stem from a perfect symbiosis between the two musicians. This can be heard in the perfect balance of the instruments used in the brilliant and intriguing compositions. In order not to lose even a bit of the energy released during the making of the album, Enzo and Vito had their new piece of work mastered at the Abbey Road Studios in London. The result is overwhelming and ready to go viral.

Since the band's foundation in 2009, SYNCROMIND PROJECT have been coming up with the ability of covering the entire range of capabilities necessary for following their goals. Besides delivering all guitar tracks, Enzo also applies his style, technique and focus on the five-stringed bass guitar, whereas all drumming, keyboards and arrangement work is completely assumed by Vito, showing that even only two musicians can make up a hell of pure and complete musical energy merging into powerful and differentiated music.

SYNCROMIND PROJECT fit well to well-known bands and musicians of the progressive rock/metal and fusion genre, as for example Haken, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Planet X, Liquid Tension Experiment without copying them – Their music is their own and it is found to be more melodic and symphonic than what most of these DT related projects have put out. What they do share with those excellent musicians are the great musicianship and composing talent.

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