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Facts about SECOND (released November 22, 2014)


>> Press responses about SECOND



As we are preparing the stages by the second half of this year, we want to share some rehearsal room vibes with you. Therefore, we shot this video of us rehearsing the track "Strong Principle" from the album "SECOND" featuring the current live line-up Enzo Ferrara on guitars, Vito Lis on drums, Jens Ziener on the bass guitar and Martin Koralewski on the keyboards.


Check it out on our YouTube channel, feel free to subscribe and comment.

Stay tuned as there will be more news to come.




SP Live 2018

The year 2017 is about to end and it had great moments, so we hope you can conclude this year the way you expected it or even better. One of the things we are happy about is having completed our live line-up featuring Mr. Jens Ziener on bass guitar and Mr. Martin Koralewski on the lead keyboards.

We are looking forward to the upcoming rehearsals and to continuing our musical journey as we are planning some great live performances in 2018, spanning the best of our music embedded in pictures and light. Of course, we will inform you as soon as we complete our live schedule, until then, make sure to hook up with us and to spread the word.

A big "THANK YOU" for your support out there - Take care




We've spent quite some time thinking and deciding about who is going to be completing our live line-up on the keyboards.

Finally the auditions have come to an end and so we would like to announce that the SYNCRMIND PROJECT live experience is going to launch with Martin Koralewski as the lead keyboardist in our live performances.
We are looking forward to hitting the stage with you, Martin!

Meanwhile, we are in the process of creating exciting audiovisual shows for 2018 embedding the best of our music into pictures and light as the key elements of an impressive experience.



In line with our goal of unleashing the SYNCROMIND PROJECT live experience, we would like to announce that Jens Ziener (Jens Zet) will take over the part on the bass guitar on our live appearances.

We are looking forward to hitting the stage with you, Jens!

In the meantime, the lead keyboardist auditions are in full swing so that we should soon have completed our live line-up and hit the road with an exciting audiovisual show spanning the best of our music.


The Remastering Sessions / July 17, 2017

It's been a while since we shared some news with you guys. Of course, we were not lazy during the past months, so we decided to go for re-mastering sessions of SECOND and SYNCRONIZED as we think that the albums deserve some tweaking. Work is in progress and we are excited about the outcome.


Press responses about SECOND (released November 22, 2014)   english  german    

rawandwild.com / April 15, 2015

english Finally! A follow-up on this project playing excellent prog rock and metal. The project was started in Germany by the Italian guitarist, bassist and composer Enzo Ferrara and the Polish drummer, keyboardist and composer Vito Lis (also responsible for the production, mixing and artwork of the disc); on Raw & Wild we already appreciated their debut "Syncronized", an album of good quality and with clear influences of Liquid Tension Experiment, Planet X, Joe Satriani, Tony Macalpine, Neil Peart ... Indeed, from the very first notes of "Second", one recognizes the technique and style of this project, which does not even hide the affinity to Dream Theater (and this can be perceived right from the first track – "Strong Principle" – which is really a nice song). How could one not congratulate the guitarist for his interesting work intelligently combining riffs, melodies, solos and phrasings? Let's go ahead as "Somebody's Hero" is quite different - it is like a chameleon that changes colors and atmospheres... I invite you to listen to it in its entirety (excellent track)! I basically invite you to listen to the complete album in order to perceive the sounds and the ideas this duo gave us again; considering that also this time, the album can be downloaded for free from the website of the band; one can say that they in every respect endow us this ticket for a trip made of excellent music. If we compare "Second" with "Syncronized" we must congratulate the duo for really having made a step forward; there is progress, and you can hear that. This makes the project stand out from the previously cited bands (without denying them) and without ever neglecting the production as well as the structures of the eight tracks. One last thing: the mastering process was performed at the Abbey Road Studios in London ... not bad. Nevertheless, the band (as I said a few lines before) has provided the entire album for free in MP3 or FLAC format on the website: www.syncromind-project.com: jump at the chance, and if you can, donate a few bucks to these 'able' guys, in the hope to hear them again, soon! Of course, an entirely instrumental album is not for everyone, but I nevertheless recommend it to you, because this duo has excellent ideas which are never boring. Also the cover is beautiful as it confers charm to this album. Congratulations indeed, bravissimo Enzo, bravissimo Vito - till next time!

Rating: 8/10 (Giovanni Clemente)

You can find the original review in Italian language here:


backgroundmagazine.nl / March 25, 2015

english Syncromind Project started when Italian guitarist Enzo Ferrara began a search in 2009 for matching musicians to play his music. During the search he repeatedly ran into Polish dsrummer Vito Lis and it seemed there were a lot of similarities in their way of approaching music and in their musical interests. This collaboration ended up in the recording of a true duo album in 2011; Syncronized; Enzo played guitars and bass, while Vito was responsible for the drums and keyboards. 2014 saw the release of a successor with the appropriate name; Second.

Compared to other bands, Syncromind Project is a more unorthodox band or project. Normally, when you play this music you should have four musicians, but in the way these two musicians co-operate, it does not seem to be a problem. A common problem for duos is the lack of attention to a musician's second instrument. When you have a talented guitarist, who also plays bass on an album, it always seems I do miss the contribution of a real bass player, just due to the fact the musician focuses too much on his favorite instrument; in this case, the guitar. So, I have to credit both musicians for the perfect balance between the four used instruments; the bass sounds as a bass should sound and drummer Vito does know his way around a keyboard and how to embed this into the compositions. Songs like Time Counselor and On A Giant's Shoulder are absolutely brilliant, well built compositions perfectly balancing the combined talents of our Italian and Polish friends. The latter sometimes sees similarities with Haken's song structures, but never copying. A song like Mata Hari features incredible guitar parts in the first half of the song, including a killer riff, then the atmosphere changes to a piano and fretless bass driven part, taking the song to a higher level. The piano parts in this song as well as in Clarke's Laws, make sure Second is not just a guitar driven album, like some albums I have reviewed. Like I wrote, it is all about the balance between the instruments. And I do think both of the musicians would agree with me in this one. Besides the intriguing craftsmanship displayed on the earlier mentioned songs, the album has a composition that slightly differs from the others; the album's final song Journey. Journey is a slower, more orchestrated song filled with outstanding soloing, but still different from the rest. What it does to me? For me the song fades out, like if you blow out a candle, where I would have preferred to close with a bang!

Syncromind's Second is a fine addition, if you are an aficionado of instrumental progressive rock and if you like bands such as Gran Torino, Relocator and Special Providence, you will have to add this significant album to your collection. The album Second (as well as Syncronised) can be downloaded for free from the band's page. If you like what you hear, don't forget to support these fine musicians: buy the originals or make a donation on both albums.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Robert James Pashman)


betreutesproggen.de / March 19, 2015

english Since Joe Satriani's albums are more and more lacking melody and soul and since Vinnie Moore has become an unidentified flying object on the fret board, for a long time, there hasn't been any instrumental music with so beautifully singing guitar leads with long sustained tones (instead of shredding). Well, the closest may perhaps be the great Max Schiefele alias Maxxess, when he's not too deep into electronic or trance music.

The opener of "Second" - "Strong Principle" - already contains all trademarks: a suspense creating, multipartite structure, beautiful "vintage" sounding organ parts as well as powerhouse drumming by drummer/keyboardist/arranger/producer Vito Lis (e.g. Relocator, Tsunami, Delta Cyphei Project) - and then this warm, crunchy and almost forever singing guitar sound of (Vinc)Enzo Ferrara (who is also responsible for the five-string bass guitar in this Germany-based duo of an Italian and a Polish full-blooded musician; in the past he used to play [and partially sing] with Progenic and Celestial Voyage)!

"Somebody's Hero" starts off almost semi-acoustically, it then evolves to a very driving theme from which Enzo derives sparkling guitar runs. "Time Counselor", another highlight of the album, offers a very singing fretless bass. The particularly melodic track "Mata Hari" also features grand piano sounds. In "Clarke's Laws" Enzo's Guitar actually starts lamenting and even crying...
The beautiful track "Journey" features an adoption of a piano part played by Wolfgang Suft.

The first and only point of criticism: we would have happily done without these nasty, cheesy and squeaking 80's-style keyboard sounds in the otherwise beautiful track "Under Water" and above all in "On a Giant's Shoulder", the latter being the long[est] track with a playing time of ten minutes. By the way - the tracks mostly have a playing time of about seven minutes - ideal for consequently setting up the suspense characteristic for Syncromind Project and letting them phase out.

Syncromind Project was founded in 2009 and is inspired amongst others by Planet X or Liquid Tension Experiment. Three years ago, they released their debut album "Syncronized", which after the first listening sessions on YouTube (see links on the bottom) already sounds quite nice, however somewhat less melodious. Talking of links - the likeable band not only has provided complete versions of its albums on YouTube, but also offers them as free downloads on the band web site - however, the band of course appreciates the "Donate" button there being used. For those who want to hold the beautifully designed digibook in their hands the best thing is to contact the band.

Klaus Reckert, Rating: 12/15 points (KR 12, KS 11)


german Seit die Joe Satriani-Alben immer melodieärmer und seelenloser werden und seit Vinnie Moore zum unbekannten Griffbrett-Flug-Objekt wurde, ist unsereinem keine Instrumentalmusik mehr mit so wunderbar singenden Gitarrenleads mit lange stehenbleibenden Tönen (statt Shred-Gewichse) begegnet. Naja, am ehesten vielleicht noch beim großartigen Max Schiefele aka (Maxxess), wenn der nicht gerade zu sehr auf dem Elektronik- oder Trance-Trip ist.

Der Aufmacher von "Second" – "Strong Principle" – weist schon alle Trademarks auf: spannungsbildender, vielteiliger Aufbau, herrlich "vintage" klingende Orgelparts sowie Powerhouse Drumming von Schlagzeuger/Keyboarder/Arrangeur/Produzent Vito Lis (u.a. Relocator, Tsunami, Delta Cyphei Project) – und dann diese warm angezerrte, mit scheinbar ewigem Sustain singende Gitarre von (Vinc)Enzo Ferrara (der bei diesem in Deutschland lebenden und wirkenden Duo aus einem italienischen und einem polnischen Vollblutmusiker auch für den teils fünfsaitigen Bass verantwortlich ist; zuvor spielte [und teilweise sang] er bei Progenic und Celestial Voyage)!

"Somebody's Hero" beginnt quasi semi-akustisch, entwickelt sich dann aber zu einem sehr treibenden Thema, von dem Enzo später perlende Läufe ableitet. "Time Counsellor", ein weiterer Höhepunkt des Albums, fährt wohl sogar einen gleichfalls sehr gesanglich gespielten Fretless Bass auf. Beim besonders melodischen "Mata Hari" kommen noch Flügel-Sounds dazu. Auf "Clarke's Laws" scheint Enzos Gitarre tatsächlich zu klagen, ja zu weinen…
Für das hübsche "Journey" wurde der Klavierpart von Wolfgang Suft übernommen.

Als erster und einziger Kritikpunkt: auf die fiesen 80er-Jahre-Käse-Quietsch-Keyboardsounds beim ansonsten schönen "Under Water" und insbesondere bei "On A Giant's Shoulder" – mit zehn Minuten hier der Long[est]track – hätten wir gerne verzichtet. Apropos – die Stücke bewegen sich meist um die sieben Minuten Laufzeit – ideal, um die Syncromind-typischen Spannungsbögen zu voller Konsequenz aufzubauen, und dann auslaufen zu lassen.

Syncromind Project fühlt sich u.a. von Planet X oder Liquid Tension Experiment inspiriert und existiert seit 2009, vor drei Jahren erschien der Erstling "Syncronized", der ersten Hörtests auf Youtube (siehe Links ganz unten) nach auch schon recht lecker, aber etwas weniger melodiös geraten ist. Talking of links – die sympathische Band hat nicht nur Vollversionen ihrer Alben auf Youtube bereitgestellt, sondern bietet sie auf ihrer Homepage auch als kostenlosen Download an – freut sich aber natürlich auch über Bedienung des ebenfalls dort zu findenden"Donate"-Knopfes. Wer das hübsch gestaltete DigiBook auch zum Anfassen haben will, nimmt am besten Kontakt mit der Band auf.

Klaus Reckert, Bewertung: 12/15 Punkten (KR 12, KS 11)


METAL HAMMER / March 18, 2015

english After their convincing debut in 2011, the purely instrumental progressive rock duo SYNCROMIND PROJECT with Vito Lis on drums/keyboards and guitarist/bassist Enzo Ferrara submitted their second album "SECOND". This piece of work, available as free FLAC and MP3 download on their website, features Ferrara and Lis as outstanding musicians citing soundscapes like those shaped by prog pioneers like Yes or The Nice. Their virtuoso guitar/keyboard themes also remind of glorious releases by Joe Satriani or Steve Vai. A great project, a fabulous record – indeed, a must for any ambitious prog label.

Matthias Mineur - METAL HAMMER








musikreviews.de / February 1, 2015

Welcome to an Italian-Polish music friendship situated right in the middle of Germany. This might make the Pegida bells ring in Dresden. Well, dear friends of the Christian Occident, in such music, fortunately, everything but dull narrow-minded patriotism is licit. Music connects and the SYNCROMIND PROJECT featuring the Italian guitarist & bass player ENZO FERRARA as well as the Polish drummer & keyboardist VITO LIS are the best, most progressive and most international example for that!

The two professional musicians have been engaging in this project already since 2009 combining their musical skills with sound worlds which feel comfortable either in the DREAM THEATER or on PLANET X, in order to finally recall the LIQUID TENSION EXPERIENCE. Save that the project name was already assigned to TONY LEVIN, JOHN PETRUCCI, MIKE PORTNOY and JORDAN RUDESS. The two gifted musicians might have thought "So what, in any case we're able sound similar - but as a duo and not as a quartet". No sooner said than done. With "SECOND" the SYNCROMIND PROJECT easily holds its ground against the four big LTE musicians of the prog (metal) genre, sometimes at least treading into their footsteps.

This powerful and at the same time fragile instrumental music on "SECOND" finally returns us the music, which people like me who were badly missing the LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT after their second and last album in 1999, were longing for. Bombastic keyboard walls, but also acoustic piano tinkling, fat basses, howling and crunching and sometimes crying GILMOUR & MARILLION style guitars. Here, wackiness encounters sublime melodies. Furthermore, driving and restrained, experimental and rhythmic drums are constant musical companions. All that can be heard in abundance on the second CD of this Germany-based, excellent duo. Even in terms of mastering the two musicians went the full monty and decided right away for the studio in which already THE BEATLES had become a well-sounding legend - the Abbey Road Studios in London. In this way, even sound fetishists get what their hearts desire.
The musical trip through "Second" literally ends with "The Journey", a magnificent finale which even doesn't stop at classical music impressions and in which the guitar sounds exactly as if JOE SATRIANI himself had played it.

SUMMED UP: Two musicians, one idea! If you look at the band name it would rather be like: "Two musicians, one synchronized thought". With "SECOND" they succeed in creating a symbiosis of prog, metal, rock and jazz, which varies between heaviness and melancholy. Its instrumental brilliance finally lets the sun rise again which after the LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT had gone down for way too long.
PS: Hard to believe but true! On the SYNCROMIND PROJECT web site indeed you will find the first and the second album as free downloads. To those who use it: you're welcome - however, it is better to support the musicians with a small donation. Then, you will not only enjoy the listening pleasure, but also get a clear conscience.

Rating: 12/15 - Thoralf Koß

(translated with permission by Thoralf Koß)
Here is the link to the original review in German language:


german Willkommen zu einer italienisch-polnischen Musikfreundschaft mitten angesiedelt in Deutschland. Da werden in Dresden aber die Pegida-Glöckchen läuten. Ja, liebe Freunde des christlichen Abendlandes, in solcher Musik ist zum Glück alles erlaubt, nur kein dumpfer, kleingeistiger Patriotismus. Musik verbindet eben und dasSYNCROMIND PROJECT des italienischen Gitarristen & Bassisten ENZO FERRARA sowie des polnischen Schlagzeuger & Keyboarders VITO LIS sind das beste, progressivste und länderübergreifendste Beispiel dafür!

Bereits seit 2009 stürzen sich die beiden Musik-Profis in dieses Projekt und verbinden ihr musikalisches Können mit Klangwelten, die sich im DREAM THEATER genauso wohl fühlen wie auf dem PLANET X, um am Ende sehr an das LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT zu erinnern. Nur war dieser Projektname bereits an TONY LEVIN, JOHN PETRUCCI, MIKE PORTNOY und JORDAN RUDESS vergeben. "Egal", werden sich die beiden begnadeten Musiker wohl gedacht haben, "so ähnlich klingen können wir jedenfalls auch - aber eben als Duo und nicht als Quartett". Gesagt, getan. Denn mit "Second" kaufen das SYNCROMIND PROJECT locker den vier ganz großen LTE-Musikern des Prog(-Metals) manchmal den Schneid ab oder treten mindestens in deren Fußstapfen.

Diese zugleich kraftvolle, aber auch zerbrechliche Instrumentalmusik auf "Second" gibt uns endlich die Musik wieder, nach denen sich solche Typen wie ich, denen das LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT nach ihrem zweiten und zugleich letzten Album aus dem Jahr 1999 schmerzvoll fehlte, sehnten. Bombastische Keyboardwände, aber auch akustisches Piano-Geklimper, fette Bässe und jaulend-krachende E-, aber auch weinende GILMOUR- & MARILLION-Gitarren. Hier treffen sogar Frickeleien auf himmlisch anmutende Melodien, treibende und verhaltene, experimentelle und rhythmische Schlagzeug-Einlagen sind außerdem ständiger Musik-Begleiter. Das alles gibt es ausgiebig auf auf der zweiten CD dieses in Deutschland beheimateten, hervorragenden Musiker-Duos zu hören. Sogar beim Mastering ließen die Beiden nichts anbrennen und entschieden sich gleich für das Studio, in dem bereits die BEATLES zur klingenden Legende wurden - die Abbey Road Studios in London. So kommen selbst Sound-Fetischisten voll auf ihre Kosten.

Die musikalische Reise durch "Second" endet dann wortwörtlich mit "The Journey", einem grandiosen Finale, das selbst vor klassischen Musikimpressionen nicht halt macht und bei dem die Gitarre genauso klingt, als hätte sie JOE SATRIANI höchstpersönlich eingespielt.

FAZIT: Zwei Musiker, eine Idee! Oder nehmen wir den Bandnamen, dann wäre wohl: "Zwei Musiker, ein synchronisierter Gedanke", besser. Mit "Second" gelingt ihnen die Symbiose aus Prog, Metal, Rock und Jazz, welche sich zwischen Härte und Melancholie bewegt und in ihrer ganzen instrumentalen Strahlkraft endlich die Sonne wieder aufgehen lässt, die nach dem LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT viel zu lange untergegangen war.

PS: Kaum zu glauben, aber wahr! Unter der Homepage von SYNCROMIND stehen tatsächlich das erste und zweite Album zum kostenlosen Download bereit. Wer's nutzt, bitte sehr - besser aber ist, mit einer kleinen Spende die Musiker zu unterstützen. Dann gibt's nämlich gleich noch ein gutes Gewissen zum Hörgenuss mit dazu.

Wertung: 12/15 - Thoralf Koß


babyblaue-seiten.de / January 3, 2015

"SECOND" is the second album of the duo featuring Enzo Ferrara and Vito Lis who got together under the band name Syncromind Project. Three years have passed since their debut album. However, now they are back again, more powerful and playful than ever before. In this case, the naming of the album, which could possibly be considered efficient, may be the only lack of creativity.

Musically, Ferrara and Lis remain true to their chosen path. Tricky, so to say brain-stimulating instrumental music featuring fat guitar riffs, intricate solos, tricky and punchy drumming, awesome bass lines as well as futuristic and orchestral keyboard sounds. Of course, jazzy rhythms and leads should not be missing. In this way, the Syncromind Project cuts its very own path through the math rock - prog metal - jazz rock jungle. For admirers of harder instrumental music featuring a good portion of heaviness there's not much that can go wrong in listening to this album.

In addition to that, Syncromind Project also explore narrative realms. Their music now also features quiet and thoughtful passages. Acoustic pictures that seem to tell their own stories create a very own atmosphere entirely capturing the listener. This is underlined by the dreamy piano runs that are interspersed again and again.

On their second album, Ferrara and Lis maybe didn't have to demonstrate their technically brilliant level. Maybe this time, the urge for epic melody lines was stronger than on their debut album. As a result, their music is technically demanding and it recedes into the background in the right moments, creating instrumentally narrative epics. Here, the duo is quite successful in managing the balancing act between quietness, shredding and orchestral heaviness. With their second release the Syncromind Project again creates a nice piece of music which may probably be considered ageless some day.

Saving propably the best for last... also this time, the two of them again "give away" their music and make the entire album available as a free download on their website. Those who are similarly enthused by their music as I am may of course use the "donate" button to send their contribution to the musicians. They will thank us for it with a third album.

Rating: 11/15 - Thomas Kohlruß


german "SECOND" ist das zweite Album des Duos Enzo Ferrara und Vito Lis, die sich unter dem Namen Syncromind Project zusammengefunden haben. Drei Jahre sind seit dem Debüt ins Land gegangen. Aber jetzt sind die Beiden wieder da und das kraftvoller und verspielter als je zuvor. So bleibt die vielleicht als effizient durchgehende Namensgebung des Albums als einziges Kreativloch hier.

Musikalisch bleiben Ferrara und Lis ihrer Linie treu. Vertrackte, sozusagen hirn-anregende Instrumental-Musik mit fetten Gitarrenriffs, verzwirbelten Soli, vertracktem, druckvollem Drumming, krachenden Basslinien und futuristisch-orchestralen Keyboardflächen. Jazzige Rhythmik und Läufe dürfen natürlich nicht fehlen. So findet das Syncromind Project seinen recht eigenen Weg durch den Mathrock-Progmetal-Jazzrock-Dschungel. Freunde heftigerer Instrumental-Musik mit einer guten Portion Härte können hier eigentlich nicht viel falsch machen.

Darüberhinaus aber begeben sich Syncromind Project diesmal aber auch in erzählerische Gefilde. Die Musik wird geschickt um ruhigere, nachdenklichere Passagen ergänzt. Es entstehen Hörbilder, die ganz eigene Geschichten zu erzählen scheinen, die eine eigene Atmosphäre kreieren und so den Hörer ganz für sich gefangen nehmen. Gerade immer wieder eingestreute, verträumte Pianoläufe unterstreichen das.

Vielleicht mussten Ferrara und Lis auf dem zweiten Album nicht mehr ganz so stark zeigen, welch' technisch brillante Musiker sie sind. Vielleicht war auch der Drang zum epischen Melodiebogen diesmal noch größer als beim Debüt. Heraus kommt auf jeden Fall technisch anspruchsvolle Musik, die sich aber in der richtigen Momenten auch zurücknimmt und so große instrumental-erzählerische Epen schafft. Diesen Spagat zwischen Ruhe, Gefrickel und orchestraler Härte gelingt dem Duo hier wirklich gut. So schafft das Syncromind Project auch mit ihrem Zweitling ein schönes Stück Instrumental-Musik, welches vermutlich letztlich irgendwann zeitlos genannt werden wird.

Und vielleicht das Beste am Schluss... auch diesmal "verschenken" die Beiden ihre Musik wieder und stellen das komplette Album als kostenlosen Download über ihre Homepage bereit (siehe Label-Link oben). Wer von der Musik ähnlich begeistert ist wie ich, darf natürlich gerne den "donate"-Button verwenden und den Musikern einen Obolus zukommen lassen. Sie werden es uns mit einem dritten Album danken.

Wertung: 11/15 - Thomas Kohlruß


proggnosis.com / December 9, 2014

Obviously Second is the second album from an Italian/Polish duo called Syncromind Project. It comes just about three years after their excellent eponymous debut from 2011. Enzo Ferrara takes care of the guitar and bass while Vito Lis does the drums, keyboards and effects. Even though Syncromind Project is not actually a band, Second does really sound like a band album, this because both musicians are very talented with the instruments they are responsible for.

On their website they list a number of Prog Metal bands as influences, and Dream Theater (with also a few of their offshoots) is one of them and I agree. Being an instrumental band, Planet X and Liquid Tension Experiment come to mind as acceptable references. I write this only to guide an interested potential listener to this excellent CD. Sure, Syncromind Project fits very well with the bands just listed, but they are certainly not copy cats. Their music is their own and I find it to be more melodic and symphonic than what most of these DT related projects have put out. What they do share with those excellent musicians are the great musicianship and composing talent. Add to that an excellently recorded and produced album, and we have a CD that I would certainly recommend to any fan of the genre not to hesitate spending a hard earned 20$ on. But guess what? You can get it for free! You can download it from the band's website (and also their first album) with no charge at all. Personnally, I would recommend using their <DONATE> button and give them a few $, if only to thank them for such great music. But it is not obligatory. I consider such a deal to be Mind Blowing, but that's the way it is, and there are no strings attached.

If you are a Prog Metal fan and want to hear some great music, Syncromind Project is clearly the band to check out. It doesn't get much better than this. Second comes highly recommended indeed.




November 22nd 2014 - RELEASE OF "SECOND"

Three years after releasing their first album "SYNCRONIZED", SYNCROMIND PROJECT are back with "SECOND". This album continues what already emerged on the debut album: attention to detail, playing finesse and inspiring as well as driving structures – to name but a few characteristics of "SECOND".

On this Album, Enzo Ferrara and Vito Lis prove a clear evolution of their work, which started already in 2009. Each of the eight songs of "SECOND" lives from its own story told by means of a powerful sound and interesting structures.

"SECOND" opens the door to exciting soundscapes, waiting to reveal itself to the listener in the course of a trip through a variety of scenes and snapshots of life.

The result is a multifaceted work, based on a solid foundation of very
diverse and narrative songs that use their homogeneous sound to underpin their belonging to each other.

The production of "SECOND", for which Vito Lis is once more responsible, was realized only by the two musicians again. This time, only the mastering process was committed to the Abbey Road Studios in London.

DOWNLOAD this album for FREE on our download page»»



After specifying the release date for the second album, we had sort of a paradigm shift on our music and whatever might be connected to it. Due to recent changes and trends in music industry and our continuous passion for music itself, we decided to go back to the very origin of what made us dive into this fantastic journey. We are making music regarding it as a gift and a way of expressing things where words are not sufficient anymore - We love and enjoy what we're doing.
Therefore, also this album will be made available for FREE.

However, should you feel the need of supporting us, besides listening to and spreading and sharing eight wonderful tracks, you can donate whatever amount you think the work is worth – but this is NOT mandatory…

So stay tuned for November 22nd in order not to miss the release of SECOND.




The finalization of our follow-up album "SECOND" is about to end, so its release is scheduled for November 22 this year.

As from this date, you will find the album containing eight brand new tracks at all the relevant download stores like iTunes, Amazon and even more digital music services. Be ready for the news to come.



Oktober 3rd 2013 - Studio Update

Silence before the storm

It's been a few weeks since our last news
post. The past months were quite busy as
we entered the studio for our second album.
We are currently making great progress in recording the album and luckily everything seems to turn out and sounds great, so that
we will soon have completed this phase of the creative process.

So stay tuned and rock on \m/



Press response about our album SYNCRONIZED (released December 17, 2011)  italian english


Cosa ci fanno un italiano e un polacco in Germania? No, non è l’inizio di unabarzelletta… perché questo è un progetto musicale, ed esiste realmente! Infatti, il progetto SYNCROMIND PROJECT prende forma dalle idee di Enzo Ferrara (l’italiano), chitarrista, bassista e compositore, e di Vito Lis (ilpolacco),batterista, tastierista, tecnico, produttore… sono ufficialmente operativi dal 2009, ma l’idea del progetto risale al 2006. “SYNCRONIZED” è il debutto discografico del duo, che dimostrano di avere le carte in regola per farsi apprezzare da un pubblico variegato alla ricerca di sonorità innovative e fuori dai soliti schemi, partendo da un’impostazione heavy-oriented; l’album è interamente strumentale, supportato da strutture ritmiche solide e multiforme e con le chitarre potenti ed eleganti allo stesso tempo. I SYNCROMIND PROJECT sono influenzati soprattutto da band e musicisti che spaziano dal progressive rock/metal e dal fusion; in particolare, la band cita Liquid Tension Experiment, Planet X, Joe Satriani, Tony Malcapine, Neil Peart… Confermo le influenze fusion nel loro mondo progressive rock/metal e anche se in alcune parti mi hanno ricordato i Liquid Tension Experiment, vi garantisco che la band ci offre un disco ben suonato; il duo è consapevole di suonare un genere elaborato e forse non per tutti, ma capace (con le otto tracce strumentali di “SYNCRONIZED”) di non annoiare. Amanti delle sonorità “progressive” fatevi sotto! Vi informo che potete trovare il disco in download (gratuito) sul sito www.syncromind-project.com, oppure contattare la band per avere un’edizione limitata di “Syncronized” (con pochi euro)… magnifico, no? Io aspetto un nuovo lavoro di questo interessante progetto.

Voto: 7,5/10 - Giovanni Clemente


What are an Italian and a Pole doing in Germany? No, this is not the beginning of a joke ... It is a musical project, and it really exists! In fact, SYNCROMIND PROJECT originating in the ideas of Enzo Ferrara (Italian), guitarist, bass player and composer, and Vito Lis (Polish), drummer, keyboardist, engineer, producer ... are officially active since 2009, but the idea of ​​the project itself dates back to the year 2006. "SYNCRONIZED" is the debut album of the duo, that proves that they have what it takes to be appreciated by a diverse audience looking for innovative sounds and concepts beyond the conventional schemes. Starting from a heavy-oriented approach, the album is entirely instrumental and contains solid and multifaceted rhythm structures, as well as powerful and at the same time elegantly played guitars. SYNCROMIND PROJECT are mainly influenced by bands and musicians from the progressive rock / metal and fusion genre, in particular, Liquid Tension Experiment, Planet X, Joe Satriani, Tony Malcapine, Neil Peart ... I do confirm the progressive fusion influences in their rock / metal world and even if in some parts they reminded me of the Liquid Tension Experiment, I guarantee you that the band offers us a well played album. The duo is aware of playing in an elaborate genre, which perhaps is not to everybody's taste, but they are capable (with the eight instrumental tracks of "SYNCRONIZED") of never sounding boring. Progressive music admirers, come closer! Note that you can download the album (for free) from the website www.syncromind-project.com or contact the band to obtain a limited edition of "Syncronized" (for just a few euro) ... magnificent, isn't it? I am waiting for the upcoming work of this exciting project.

Rating: 7,5/10 - Giovanni Clemente


german Was macht ein Italiener und ein Pole in Deutschland? Nein, es ist nicht der Anfang eines Witzes ... es geht hier um ein tatsächlich existentes musikalisches Projekt. Dieses Projekt ist das Produkt der Ideen von Enzo Ferrara (Italien), Gitarrist, Bassist und Komponist, und Vito Lis (Polen), Schlagzeuger, Keyboarder, Tontechniker, Produzent ... die mit SYNCROMIND PROJECT seit 2009 offiziell aktiv sind, die Idee zu diesem Projekt reicht jedoch bis in das Jahr 2006 zurück. "SYNCRONIZED" ist das Debütalbum des Duos und es beweist, dass die beiden alles haben, um von einem gemischten Publikum gewürdigt zu werden, das auf der Suche nach innovativen und unkonventionellen Sounds ist. Ausgehend von einer heavy-orientierten Gangart ist das Album komplett instrumental gehalten und wartet mit soliden, facettenreichen Rhythmusstrukturen auf, die mit einer kraftvollen und gleichermaßen eleganten Gitarrenarbeit gepaart sind. SYNCROMIND PROJECT sind hauptsächlich von Bands und Musikern aus dem Progressive Rock / Metal und Fusion Genre beeinflusst, die Band zitiert insbesondere Größen wie Liquid Tension Experiment, Planet X, Joe Satriani, Tony Malcapine, Neil Peart ... Ich bestätige der Formation gewisse progressive Fusion-Einflüsse in ihrer Rock-/Metal-Welt und, obwohl sie mich an manchen Stellen an Liquid Tension Experiment erinnern, garantiere ich, dass die Band uns hier eine gut eingespielte Scheibe präsentiert. Die beiden Musiker sind sich dessen bewusst, dass sie in einem sehr entwickelten Genre agieren, das vielleicht nicht jedermanns Geschmack trifft, doch ist die Band (mit den acht Instrumental-Tracks von „SYNCRONIZED“) keinesfalls langweilig. Liebhaber „progressiver“ Klänge, hört euch das an! Die CD findet man zum (kostenlosen) Download auf der Website www.syncromind-project.com oder per direkten Kontakt mit der Band als limitierte Auflage (für ein paar Euro). Ist das nicht großartig? Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Werk dieses spannenden Projekts.

Punkte: 7,5/10 - Giovanni Clemente

Rock Hard Italy

Risultato della collaborazione tra il chitarrista e compositore italiano Enzo Ferrara ed il polistrumentista polacco Vito Lis, il progetto SYNCROMIND PROJECT è ufficialmente operativo dal 2009; SYNCRONIZED rappresenta il debutto discografico del duo, il quale dimostra di avere tutte le carte in regola per farsi apprezzare da un pubblico variegato alla ricerca di sonorità innovative e fuori dagli schemi consueti. Quanto proposto affonda infatti le proprie radici nella ricerca di soluzioni sonore tutt’altro che convenzionali, derivate da un’impostazione chiaramente heavy-oriented ma finalizzate ad assecondare l’estro artistico della coppia di musicisti. Completamente strumentale, SYNCRONIZED mette in luce partiture chitarristiche potenti ed eleganti al tempo stesso, ben supportate da una struttura ritmica solida e multiforme nel suo esplicarsi. Il risultato è un suono di grande impatto, in grado di combinare tecnica e fantasia stilistica nel contesto di un lavoro dal grande pathos emotivo. Un’opera prima che lascia intravedere grandi potenzialità.

As a result of collaboration between the Italian guitarist and composer Enzo Ferrara and the Polish multi instrumentalist Vito Lis, SYNCROMIND PROJECT are officially operational since 2009; SYNCRONIZED is the debut album of the duo which contains all the necessary requirements for being appreciated by a vast audience in search of innovative and unconventional sounds. The proposed work has its roots in the search for sound solutions which are anything but conventional, deriving from a clearly heavy oriented music but aiming to satisfy the artistic talent of the two musicians. SYNCRONIZED is an entirely instrumental album that highlights powerful and at the same time elegant guitar parts which are well supported by solid, diversiefied and very expressive rhythm structures. The result is a sound of great impact, able to combine technical and stylistic fantasy in the context of a work of great emotional pathos. A debut that reveals great potential.

german Als Ergebnis der Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem italienischen Gitarristen und Composer Enzo Ferrara und dem polnischen Multi-Instrumentalisten Vito Lis, sind SYNCROMIND PROJECT bereits seit 2009 offiziell aktiv; SYNCRONIZED, das Debütalbum des Duos, hat alles was man braucht um von einem Publikum geschätzt zu werden, das sich gerne von innovativen und unkonventionellen Klängen mitreißen lässt. Das uns eingereichte Material zeigt eine Suche nach eher unkonventionellen klanglichen Lösungen, die zwar klar im Heavy-Bereich angesiedelt sind, jedoch der künstlerischen Begabung der beiden Musiker entsprechend umgesetzt wurden. SYNCRONIZED ist ein gänzlich instrumental gehaltenes Album und fördert kraftvolle und gleichzeitig elegante Gitarrenparts zu Tage, die von einer soliden, vielfältigen und ausdrucksstarken Rhythmusarbeit unterstützt werden. Das Ergebnis ist ein Sound mit großer Wirkung, der in der Lage ist, die Spieltechnik und stilistische Phantasie der beiden Musiker im Rahmen eines Werkes voller emotionalem Pathos miteinander zu verbinden. Ein Debüt, das großes Potenzial offenbart.


Wenn sich erfahrene Musiker zusammen tun, dann kann man in der Regel damit rechnen, dass das Ergebnis Hand und Fuß hat. So auch bei Syncromind Project ... so erinnert ihre Musik immer wieder an eine nicht ganz so verkopfte, instrumentale Ausgabe von Dream Theater.

When experienced musicians get together, then, as a rule, you can expect the result to be with rhyme and reason. This also applies to Syncromind Project ... so their music always reminds of a less overly-intellectual instrumental edition of Dream Theater.

Quando si riuniscono dei musicisti esperti, di regola ci si può attendere un risultato con capo e coda. Ciò vale anche per Syncromind PROJECT... per cui la loro musica ricorda sempre ad una versione strumentale meno eccessivamente intellettuale dei Dream Theater.


Die Songs, und es sind trotz all der technischen Finessen durchaus solche, sind solide strukturiert und sauberst produziert ... starkes Instrumentalalbum, einige Musiker werden sich, Lemmingen gleich, gen Abgrund wenden, andere werden verzückt mit den Ohren wackeln.

The songs, and despite all technical finesse they really can be referred to as such, offer solid structures and are neatly produced ... fantastic instrumental album, some musicians will turn to the abyss like lemmings, others will wiggle their ears in delight.

I brani, e nonostante tutta la finezza tecnica davvero possono essere chiamati tali, offrono strutture solide e sono ben prodotti ... fantastico album strumentale, alcuni musicisti si butteranno nell'abisso come i lemming, gli altri faranno muovere le orecchie di gioia.

progsound.de / rockzirkus.de

... plötzlich erzählt einer von einem Projekt aus Deutschland mit Namen "Syncromind Project". Da horch ich doch mal hin und was soll ich sagen, da kommt Progmetal Powerrock vom feinsten aus den Lautsprechern. Ein Projekt aus Deutschland von einem Italiener und einem Polen gehört in einem amerikanischen Radiosender …

... suddenly someone is talking about a Project from Germany called "Syncromind Project". Well i give it a try and listen, and what can I say, finest Prog Metal Power Rock is coming out of the loudspeakers. A project from Germany formed by an Italian and a Pole heard on an American radio station …

… all'improvviso qualcuno parla di un progetto musicale tedesco, che si chiama "Syncromind Project". Beh, allora ascoltiamo un po', e cosa c'è da dire, gli altoparlanti emettono del Prog Metal Power Rock di elevatissima qualità. Un progetto musicale tedesco, formato da un italiano e un polacco e ascoltato attraverso una stazione radio americana …


Solid prog metal to my ears. I'll alert the team.

Prog metal solido nelle mie orecchie. Informerò il team.


... die Produktion kann sich hören lassen und bietet den Songs den entsprechenden klanglichen Rahmen auf internationalem Niveau …

... the production is worth listening to offering the songs the right tonal framework on an international
level ...

... vale la pena ascoltare questa produzione che offre il giusto quadro tonale a livello internazionale ...


Technisch angehauchter, vertrackter ProgMetal, ganz in der Tradition z.B. von Planet X, wird denn auch über weite Strecken auf "Syncronized" geboten. Fans vertrackter, hirn-anregender Instrumental-Musik, die keine Aversion gegen einen gewissen Härtegrad und gelegentliche ausgedehnte Frickeleinlagen haben, werden hier auf's Beste bedient ... Ein instrumentaler Höhepunkt, spät im Jahr ...

Tricky Prog Metal, with a technical touch in the tradition of e.g. Planet X. Fans of tricky, mind-stimulating instrumental music without any aversion against a certain degree of hardness and some occasional shredding are perfectly served here ... An instrumental highlight, late in the year ...

... Prog metal complicato, con un tocco tecnico nella tradizione ad esempio dei Planet X. Saranno perfettamente serviti coloro che amano la musica strumentale complicata e che sono senza alcuna avversione verso un certo grado di durezza e uno shredding sporadico ... Un Highlight strumentale, alla fine dell'anno ...


Her er generelt tale om et rigtigt god produceret progressivt album. Et album som er super at have til at køre på loop i baggrund mens du læser, laver lektier eller hvad du nu end laver, og hvis du er til progressivt metal, tror jeg det vil falde i din smag.

Here we're talking about a really well produced progressive album. An album which is super to listen to in a loop in the background while reading, doing homework or whatsoever, and if you are into progressive metal, I think this will suit your taste.

Qui stiamo parlando di un album di musica progressiva veramente ben prodotto. Un album perfetto da ascoltare in ripetizione e in sottofondo durante la lettura, facendo i compiti o seguendo qualsiasi altra attività, e se siete dei fan del metal progressivo, credo che questo album incontrerà il proprio gusto.